Hi! My name is Tracy and I own this blog (I am so not the most photogenic person out there!). I love to shop and love to save money (which allows me to shop some more (see the madness behind that??)), so in doing so I love to find discounted deals out there and pass them your way.

These are my kids: Emma, Brendan and Kylie. They help me out in trying products. I love their feedback, it is the most truthful opinions you will ever get!

I also love to find out about new products, whether they be products for my home, my children, myself, or products used on a daily basis. Trying a new product and giving feedback is such a thrill, actually receiving a product in the mail and being able to try it before you buy it is the best. I used to hate opening my mailbox as it would only be bills, now I open to find presents - how exciting. It's like my birthday all the time!

Thanks for visiting....