Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Harlequin Ambassadors = FREE books

If you love to read like I do, especially Romance novels, than you must become a member of Harlequin Ambassadors by clicking here.  I am a member and so far I have received 2 separate mailings of 10 books.  This consists of 1 book for you and 4 to share with friends, of two separate books.  Where can you get FREE books, not only for yourself, but for your friends/family too? 

The best thing about this program is you are able to read the books, share with your friends and discuss the contents of each book.  Almost like your ready-made book club.

They do ask one thing, and that is that you give feedback of the book.  I figure, that is the least I can, especially when they are giving free books for me and my friends.  I love to provide feedback, especially if it is for a good book.

They also send out electronic books via email a few times a year, so again, just for joining you are getting books in the mail and online - Free + Free, works for me!

I hope you too become a Harlequin Ambassador like me.

Happy Savings in this case = FREE.

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