Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Ring in the Summer with RADIO FLYER.......

Kylie & Emma enjoy a parade with their Radio Flyer wagon.

July 4th weekend is almost upon us, which means one thing- patriotic celebrations all wrapped up in red, white and blue! Families all over our great country will be heading to parks, beaches and backyard barbecues to commemorate the occasion with fireworks, sparklers and other symbols of Independence Day. And many of them will be pulling behind them another American icon in a certain signature color- a Radio Flyer Wagon!

Since 1917, the famous little red wagons by Radio Flyer have been a favorite of families and kids everywhere. Boasting more than a dozen award-winning wagon models and a complete line of tricycles, scooters, and other ride-ons, Radio Flyer is as synonymous with outdoor play as summer itself.

There are endless ways to enjoy your little red wagon, from standing out in the crowd at the Fourth of July parade, to toting all the ingredients for a fun summer picnic. Not only will your red wagon provide hours of outdoor adventures, it will bring a lifetime of memories too. That's why Radio Flyer is celebrating the beginning of summer by launching the World's Largest Wagon Mosaic. Simply capture your families' Radio Flyer moments on camera and go to Radio Flyer Art to add your photo and help the legacy of the little red wagon live on!

I am sure, like me of the picture above of my two daughters, you probably have tons of pictures of your kids in their Radio Flyer wagon, or using it yourself to lug stuff to the beach, or a party.  Please take the time out to go to Radio Flyer Art and enter that picture.

With having 3 kids, the oldest being 18, I have had our Radio Flyer wagon for quite sometime now.  It has withstood the weather of the great Northeast, and traveled the Country with us - yes, it has been to many, many, many different States and if it could talk, would tell many, many stories.  I love our Radio Flyer and so do my children, and hopefully (in many, many, many years to come), so will my grandchildren.  Thanks Radio Flyer for making such a GREAT product!

Disclosure:  I was entered to win one of the 3 fantastic versions of Radio Flyer's famous wagons: the Classic Red Wagon, the All-Terrain Steel & Wood Wagon and the Ultimate Comfort Wagon for writing this post.  My opinions of the Radio Flyer were enjoyed well before this contest took place and will be loved well after.  My words are my own - take em or leave em.

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