Sunday, August 15, 2010

Price Chopper: Facebook Coupon

WOW - what an awesome coupon.  It is Sunday and you know what that means, Price Chopper Facebook coupons have been reset - wah hoo - and it's a good one to bat!  (Have I said how awesome this coupon is? lol)

You can get many items for cheap with this coupons.  One that I know of is for the purchase of Price Chopper yogurt?  If you eat Price Chopper yogurt, this coupon is a money saver.  Buy 10 Price Chopper Yogurts at .59 and you only will end up paying $1.00 - now that is savings....  Thanks Price Chopper for this AWESOME coupon.

Remember, to go to your Price Chopper Supermarkets on Facebook account to print your coupon today.  I printed mine, did you print yours???

Happy Savings!

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