Wednesday, August 18, 2010

SCORE!!! Price Chopper Shopping Trip

I took advantage of the $5 off 10 Price Chopper corporate products coupon this evening and did some stock-piling as my cabinets were getting low on some items.  The following is a picture of Price Chopper brand items I purchased using the $5 off 10 item coupons.  I tried to purchase products that I needed though would cost the less to me out of pocket.  Please excuse the quality of the photo as I took it with my husband's phone (it is much easier to upload than using my Nikon camera (which I love), and waiting for it to go through all of my pictures just to get to the last one).  Here is the pic:

As you can see, I purchased 20 Brown Gravy mixes; 6 can of cream corn, 10 cans of whole kernel corn, 10 cans tomato paste, 5 boxes soup mix, 5 cans cream of chicken soup, 10 cans carrots, and 4 cans mixed vegetables.  Total for everything (drum roll please) $4.(+ change) - hello, this is definitely savings in my pocket and now I have a half-full pantry.  I still need to get more items to have a full stock pile, i.e., chicken stock, diced tomatoes, etc.  I can't wait till tomorrow!  (These were done in separate purchases.)

So, did you take advantage of the Facebook coupon?  If so, what did you get?  I can't wait to hear what savings you produced for yourself.

Happy Savings!

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