Friday, August 20, 2010

Zoe & Sprout {Review}

Do you like Emma's new shirt?  This shirt is from Zoe & Sprout and it is probably the softest shirt I have ever felt.  Emma loved receiving this new shirt in the mail.  When I told her what it said, she giggled, though I am not sure she realized exactly what it meant, however, I did and thought it was quite funny.  "What Happens at Playgroup, STAYS at Playgroup!"  Or, maybe she did know what it meant - hmmmm, now I'm thinking.  Putting humor into baby, infant and toddler clothes - how awesome.  So now when someone sees your child and says, omg they are so cute, they can say that AND laugh at the saying on their shirt or cap. 

The fabric quality of this shirt is amazing, soft to the touch, soft on the skin, and the fit is perfect.   Another huge factor of this shirt is that it is organic.  Emma enjoyed wearing her new shirt all day.  This shirt was coupled with her blue shorts and her brown cowgirl boots - she definitely was stylin.

Zoe & Sprout offers a variety of products, from t-shirts, to onesies, to 100% organic cotton baby caps, to yoga pants.

Some of the sayings of items they sell are as follows:
  • The Dog Hates Me
  • The Cat Hates Me
  • I Blame My Parents
  • I Can't Read
  • Eat. Sleep. Poop
  • Backseat Driver
  • Bald is Beautiful
  • Not an Elf
  • Crumb Snatcher
  • New Kid on the Block
  • Big Sis
  • Big Bro
  • My Dad is Stronger Than Your Dad
  • My Grandma is Hotter than Your Grandma
  • I'm What Happened in Vegas.
How cute are these?  I wish these sayings were around when Brendan & Kylie were little because they would own a bunch of these, if not all.  The sayings are comical at best. 

Some info on Zoe & Sprout:
* Zoe and Sprout offers great products at affordable pricing.
* We have baby bodysuits(starting at 3 mths)up to 6T t-shirts.
* As our focus is on becoming 100% organic, we also focus on being AFFORDABLE and EASY TO WORK WITH.
* We offer LOW MINIMUM ORDERS that allow you the freedom to mix and match sizes, designs and colors.
*Our ORGANIC LINE is so soft, you won't believe it! No chemicals or toxic dyes are used in the production of these garments.
*All inks used meet CPSIA regulations. All garments are made in a fair trade environment and are GOTS certified.
If you want to place an order online, there is FREE shipping on orders over $50.00 OR, click here to see if there is a retailer near you.

Also, have you LIKED ZOE & SPROUT on Facebook yet?  If not, check them out now and Like them.

Disclosure:  A HUGE thanks goes to Zoe & Sprout for allowing me to review the above-pictured shirt that Emma is pictured in above to help abide in my review.  In no way did receiving this shirt entice me to write a more favorable shirt.  The shirt is made of a quality fabric and my daughter truly loved wearing it.  The opinions written are my own, take em or leave em.

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