Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Between God & Me: A Journey Through Proverbs {Book Review}

I was recently given the opportunity to review "Between God & Me: A Journey Throug Proverbs", by Vicki Courtney. 

Between God & Me tackles tough issues any tween may face through fun interactive quizzes and exercises which helps open dialogue between girls and their parents.

This book is full of biblical principles on how to make the right choices that will lead to a long and happy life.  It teaches tween girls, entering young adulthood, that it is more important than ever for them to monitor theri own hearts to make virtuous choices.

I know growing up it was very difficult for me to open up and discuss issues with my parents.  I think it was out of fear.  We were a very close family; however, some things were just left unsaid. 

Obviously times have changed since I was young to the current generation and some families are more open to discussing issues with their tweens, whether it be peer pressure, teen pregnancy, puberty, R-rated movies, cheating on school work, sending provocative texts, etc.  A variety of issues are covered in this book.

One of my biggest issues with my daughter, Kylie, is that with tv and the computer, and generally just girls her age, I feel that she wants to be older than she is.  Mind you, she is only 8.  Vicki Courtney discusses how parents can put the brakes on their child(ren) rushing to grow up.  I have definitely learned some new techniques on how to talk to my daughter and teach her that it's ok to want to be older, but it is even better to be who you are, and enjoy the age you are.

I would recommend this book to all parents and young tween girls.

For more information about Vicki Courtney and her books, click here.

Disclosure:  I was provided a copy of the above-mentioned book to do a honest review.  I was not compensated at all.  All words and opinions are my own and I was not enticed to write a favorable review.

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