Sunday, September 26, 2010


My newest ventures is "refurbishing" frames.  By that I mean, creating art work.  You will be surprised what a can of spray paint can do, though in this project, I did not use spray paint, rather, paint chips.  (Is that what the proper name for them is?)

I have been visiting my local Lowe's store and picking up "paint chips", or the square paint piece colors to match the decor in my living room.  My living room colors are autumn colors, reds, gold, brown, amber, to name a few.  Considering the large selection of paint chips there are to choose, it definitely took time and some well consideration.  I took two of each of the colors I would be using.

I purchased a framed pictured at a garage sale for $3.00, took it apart and took the matted pictured out, turning it over and spray painting it black (see picture below):

I then let it dry.  Considering the beautiful weather we had in Upstate New York today, it dried within 1/2 hour.

I then took my paint chip squares and figured out a pattern of colors that I wanted and lined them up in 6 lines down and 7 1/2 across.  Thereafter, I removed the squares per line and had them in order ready for adhesive.

I took my spray adhesive and sprayed a line across, starting from the top and working my way down until completely covered. 

Once completed, I cleaned the glass and put my new mosiac paint chip art into the frame, put the cardboard on the back and closed the brackets to seal.

Here, is my awesome husband hanging up our new picture.  I had to make him pause the Jets v Dolphins game.  We are H-U-G-E J.E.T.S (Jets, Jets, Jets) fans over here, and considering I am very impatient and I couldn't wait till commercial, thankfully he paused the tv for me.)  

Look at our beautiful new Mosiac Paint Chip Art picture, hanging above the rather large T.V. in our living room.  (Above the T.V., the picture does look rather small, but it really is not and it gives the room (wall) a beautiful, vibrant look.  I am very pleased with how it turned out.)

So, for about 1 complete hour of my time, and $3.00 - this is the newest addition to our home.  Hope you enjoy.


Anonymous said...

what a cool and FREE! idea!!

Born 2 Be Mom said...

Oh, I like that, it's pretty! I am stopping in (and following!) from FMBT. Would love for you to come by and say hello sometime. Have a wonderful week :)

Born 2 Be Mom