Sunday, September 26, 2010


If you "LIKE" Price Chopper Supermarkets on Facebook, don't forget to print your weekly coupon for $5 off any 10 Corporate Products.  If you haven't liked them yet, go now, Like them and print your coupon - then get ready and go to Price Chopper to get some really inexpensive items.

The last time Price Chopper offered this coupon I got some cheap, or almost free, products.  Items such as the following:

1.  10 Price Chopper yogurts;
2.  10 packets of Clear Value gravy (the packets are just as good as the name brand jars, and cheaper, especially with this coupon);
3.  10 cans of Clear Value chicken broth;
4.  10 cans Clear Value Chicken Noodle Soup;
5.  10 cans Clear Value Tomato Soup;
6.  10 cans Clear Value Tomato Paste;
7.  10 cans Clear Value canned vegetables.

Just to name a few.  If you are NOT a name brand conniseur, then you can get some real cheap "staple" items with this coupon.

This coupon is only valid to use at locations in the following states: Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, Pennsylvania and Vermont.

Price Chopper is also offering DOUBLE COUPONS on all Pet coupons, up to $3.00.  These coupons are on their flyers.  If you receive a Sunday newspaper, you should have received them, if not, they may have more printed in the entrance of their stores.  I am super excited about this as I have some awesome coupons for doggie treats for Molly.  She is going to be one happy doggie this week!

Happy Savings.

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