Monday, October 18, 2010

Bath and Body Works: FREE Lip Item with any Purchase

Take this coupon to your local Bath and Body Works store to get a FREE lip item ($8 value) with ANY purchase.

I am going to put a little scenario out there,which could provide 2 gifts for little money:

Print 5 coupons for a FREE lip item with purchase.

*Purchase 1 2 oz lotion for $1.00, pick up a lip product (under $8), hand coupon to cashier = $1.00 + tax for a lotion and lip product.

*  Do this scenario 5x and you could (a) attach 1 lotion and 1 lip product to 5 separate gifts adding a little extra to a gift; (b) Give 3 lip products and 2 lotions to someone for a gift and 2 lip products and 3 lotions to someone for a gift; (c) Give 5 lip products to someone for a gift; (d) Give 5 lotions to someone for a gift.

Think teacher gifts for the lotions and you can keep the lipsticks for yourself, or if you have nieces, add to gifts, or add to stockings.  There are tons of ideas you can do for gift ideas with these. 

THIS COUPON EXPIRES OCTOBER 21, 2010 so if you are going to use it, print it now and figure out when to get over there.

One coupon per purchase.

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