Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Friendly's SuperMelt sandwiches = yummy!

Did you know that every Wednesday is kids day at Friendly's?  That means, with each paying adult, kids meals are just $1.99.  That's a huge savings.  Plus, coupled with a coupon, that could mean additional great savings to any meal.

Today is Tuesday and yes, we missed the kids meal special pricing by a day, though, Danny was off of work and Emma got out half day, so we decided to go to Friendly's for lunch. 

Friendly's has new SuperMelt sandwiches and of course I had to try one.  I tried the new Chicken Bruschetta Mozzarella SuperMelt and boy was it yummy!  Everytime I see a picture in a menu, it always looks so yummy and when you receive the item, is almost always never looks like what is pictured.  Not this though.  This sandwich was exactly how it was pictured, and tasted delicious.  I would definitely order again!

Chicken Bruschetta Mozzarella Super Melt
Because I went to Friendly's yesterday at lunchtime to pick up Chicken Noodle Soup (I didn't bring anything for lunch and wasn't feeling the greatest), and of course picking up coupons for Halloween (free ice cream), on my receipt if I did a survey, at the end of the survey I was able to print a coupon good for $5 off $25 purchase.  Since I didn't realize it was kids meal deal for $1.99 tomorrow, I still had my coupon.  So, between our meals, drinks and ice cream, we still saved money today!

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