Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The King's Christmas List {Book Review}

Through my membership with BookSneeze, I was given the opportunity to review The King's Christmas List.  What a great book.  I have read this book over and over to my daughter Emma.  She loves that the main character in this book has the same name, though not her dog, so I had to change Shu-Shu's name to Molly.

This book teaches young children about the true meaning of Christmas.  It is not about the presents or how many you get, it is about what you can do for someone, putting your heart and thought into the gift of helping someone out, rather than buying materialistic things.  What a great storyline for kids to learn at a young age.  Through teachings of parents and of course, a well written book, with some awesome pictures, this book is sure to please all, kids and parents.

While Emma was happy to help the people she met along the way to the Kings Birthday Party, she was also sad that she did not have anything to give the King as a present.  Once she learned that the people she met along the way were angels sent by the King, she was happy what she did.

For the month of December every year, I have a stack of "Christmas" books and every night, I have each one of my daughters pick out a book and we read it.  The book has to be about Christmas.  This book has now been added to that pile, and I can't wait to read it again. 

About the Book:
Emma couldn’t wait to go to the King’s birthday party, but what should she bring? Emma and her little dog Shu-Shu were thrilled to be invited to the King’s birthday party. But what do you get a King for his birthday? Emma and Shu-Shu have no gift, but they bring the Christmas cake they made with Mom and put on their Sunday best as they dash to the King’s carriage. And of course, Emma couldn’t go anywhere without her beloved Cherry-Bear. On the way, they have encounters that lead them to bestow their cake, winter-cape, and even Cherry-Bear, on others. Now they’re chilly, rumpled, and empty-handed—what will the King think? Emma frets, but when they finally meet the King at his palace, they discover they gave the King exactly what he wanted.

Children and parents will be reminded of the true meaning of Christmas, and that the greatest gifts we can offer to the Savior are gifts to the least of his brothers and sisters (based on Matthew 25:40). Families will be able to go online and be directed to notable charities to give their own gift to the King.
**I recieved the book I reviewed free of charge from BookSneeze. No other compensation was received. My thoughts are 100% my own and others my have different opinions. A BIG thanks to BookSneeze for the opportunity to review this great book.**

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