Sunday, October 31, 2010

Manager's Special

This past Saturday morning, I took Ky and Em to our local Toys 'R Us store for the Halloween Parade with Geoffrey.  After that, we headed on over to our local Hannaford Supermarket to pick up some meat as a friend told me it was marked down.  Trust me, on my way to Toys 'R Us, all I was thinking about was getting to Hannaford to get that specially marked down meat.  My freezer was empty and I needed a good sale.

The girls and I walked into Hannaford and grabbed a red hand-held cart.  What was I thinking???  As soon as we walked up to the meat coolers, there were orange stickers everywhere.  I was grabbing chicken like it was the last chicken in the world and I wanted it all!  Again, a red hand-held cart - what was I thinking?  So, I stuffed my hand-held cart with as much chicken as I could and the girls and I hurriedly ran (walked very fast) to the front of the store to get a normal sized cart with wheels.  Phew, my arm was almost going to fall off.

We went back to get more chicken, (don't worry, I didn't take all of it, I did leave some for others), but trust me, at $1.29 a lb. for boneless chicken breast, I was definitely stocking up.  Boneless chicken tenders were only priced at $.99 a lb, and Jonesville Hot Sausage were priced at $1.49 a package.  I also picked up a few packages of breakfast sausage at $1.00 a package.  Jeez, I remember when these were prices and we didn't have to look for orange "Manager Special" stickers on packages.

Boneless chicken breast and tenders.  Tenders are packaged with 6 in each bag, there are 4 bags of these.  Breasts are packaged at 2 per package, there are 20 of these.  All trimmed and ready to cook. 

We needed dinner tonight, so a few packaged were already cooked.  As much as I would love to take credit for this, I can't.  My father-in-law makes the best fried chicken, so when we stopped over today, we brought him chicken we bought and he was kind enough to cook it for us.  Thanks Poppa!!!

See the orange "Manager's Special" stickers?  I love anything on clearance, especially food - yum, yum!  There are tons of sausage.  Because I didn't have much room to take a picture, I have them stacked on each other.  There are 12 packs total.  Now that's a lot of sausage and peppers, pasta and sausage, sausage pizza, endless possibilities, that's what it is.
 For all of the meat pictured above, take a wild guess at how much I spent???  Drum roll please..........$70!  That's it.  Remarkable, isn't it?  If I paid full price per pound and pack, guess how much I would have spent?  Well let's see.  The Jonesville are regularly priced $4.59 x 12 packages, that alone is close to $50, than the breakfast sausage and all that chicken - wow, I really hit the motherload meat sale.  If only ground meat would get down to $.99 - I would be all set (hint, hint Hannaford)....

Not only does Hannaford have the best meat around, but at these "Manager Special" prices, it is a bonus.  I had 3 days to use the meat or freeze it.  That was great, because after the parade and cleaning the house all morning, the last thing on my mind to do was to come home and trim all of the chicken, put in baggies and freeze  Nah, I had to wait until Halloween night, wherein my husband and I cleaned out our garage, brought a van load of stuff to Goodwill, cooked and went to our friends for dinner, than out Trick-or-Treating with the gang, to come home and trim 12 packages of chicken.  The joy of my night I tell ya.  I have chicken coming out of my finger tips (kidding, I cleaned my hands very well...)

So, to say that I have stock in chicken in sausage is an understatement, I am beyond stocked - months worth stocked. 

Does your store have a "Manager's Special"?  Do you look for clearance meat at your store?  If you saw a sale like this at your store, would you take this opportunity to "stock up"?

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