Thursday, October 7, 2010


What little girl would not want to have a MixPups party?  Both of my girls were in their glory when a package arrived full of MixPups dogs, accessories and play set.  A party was to be planned and participation was needed!  This really was not hard to do, as I know lots of people, both friends and family, who have little ones and are always looking for new ideas of fun-time for their little ones.

It was a Wednesday night and a party was about to happen - a puppy party that is "MixPups".  Both Emma & Kylie have been talking about this party all week, and trust me it is very hard to keep them away from the box full of goodies, especially when they know how many hours of fun are contained in that box.

Both Emma and Kylie's friends came over ready to play.  We had puppy hor d'eurves, such as Hot Diggity Dogs, Puppy Chow, Dog-gone Good Bones, and Puppy Love Parfaits, Chillin' MixPup Punch (drink) and the MixPups stations were set up for the kids to enjoy.  Every child that came to the party went home with 2 MixPup puppies and accessories. 

Look at how cute these MixPups are?  All guests, including my kids had hours of fun with them.
The kids interacted with their puppies and had hours of fun, and to this day, when I talk to the parents, they tell me their kids are still playing with the MixPups.

This is a toy definitely not made for kids under the age of 3 as the feet come off the puppies for easy access to change the accessories on the animals, and with them being very small, kids could choke. Parents, please keep this in mind when purchasing for your child.

Here are some pictures from the MixPups party - enjoy!

Every little girl will love MixPups - it is going to be the next fad!  My daughters till play with their playsets and maybe, just maybe, Santa will be bringing them more if their good.

Thanks everyone for an awesome MixPup "puppy" Party!

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