Monday, November 8, 2010

Black Friday ads are out......

If you want to get a "head start" to planning your "Black Friday" shopping, look no further than right here.  If you visit Black Friday and enter your email address, you will get updates when they get a new stores sales flyer.  Or, if you don't want to provide them your email address, bookmark the site and check daily.  There are some stores ads already posted. 

I, personally, love to see pictures with the ads, so even though I have entered my email and will get daily updates of when a new store sale is posted, I still will sit for hours on Thanksgiving and plan out my Black Friday shopping day with the pictured ads!

How do you plan your "Black Friday" shopping?  Do you go out at 3 am like I do and wait in line in the hopes of getting that special gift for that special someone?  Or, do you online shop?  What works best for you?  Do you shop with family, friends, or by yourself???

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