Thursday, November 4, 2010

Max and Ruby: Bunny Party {Music CD Review}

Who does not love Max & Ruby?    Ya know, Max & Ruby.....Ruby & Max....  Sitting here on the computer right now with no tv on, I am humming the theme song to the tv show Max & Ruby - it is quite catchy.  That is the same as the cd too.
Max & Ruby originated as an enchanting book series by Rosemary Wells, and has sold over 3 million books and 1.7 million DVDs world wide. Quickly becoming a classic favorite for families worldwide, Max and his older sister Ruby never want quite the same thing and their plans always collide - with hilarious results.
Max & Ruby's debut album features songs from Koba Entertainment's latest touring theatrical production Max & Ruby: Bunny Party.  Created by Patti Caplette, the live show follows Max & Ruby as they prepare for the Bunny Party of the year!  Together the beloved siblings embark on a musical bus ride to find teh greatest present in the world before coming home to undergo an unpredictable make-over just for this happy occasion.

The original music and lyrics are composed by 2010 Juno Award winner Norman Foote whoe clever lyrics and great melodies please audiences of all ages.  Parents and children will find themselves singing, dancing and clapping their hands to the music as Max & Ruby take them on a musical journey of make-believe.  The CD is sure to connect with the listeners and enchant the young and young at heart.
My 8 year old grew up watching Max & Ruby and now my 4 year old does.  It is a great tv show, you can only imagine how awesome this cd is.  Listening to this musical cd, makes you think that you are part of the theatrical production.  My girls loved it, especially Emma.  At 4 years old, she has her cd player in her room, and now with this added Max & Ruby" Bunny Party cd added to her collection, she will go into her room, put on her new cd, and sing and dance.

I love taking my children to plays and even though we missed Max & Ruby: Bunny Party when it came to our town, listening to this cd now, it makes me feel like we didn't miss it after all.

This cd is a great addition to your childs music collection - they will love it!  This cd is recommended for ages 2-5, perfect for my little Emma!

Disclosure:  I was provided with the above cd from The Children's Group to help abide in a fair and honest review.  By receiving this product, in no way did it effect or change my opinion.  We listened, we sang, we danced - we loved it!

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