Monday, November 8, 2010


Do you put much thought into holiday cards? Do you send the basic boxed cards or do you order picture cards through an online site??? Do you even send holiday cards???

I love not only sending, but receiving cards. My favorite holiday cards are Christmas. Christmas is such a huge holiday for our family that having cards made of our children to send to our friends and family, both far and near, is a must. This year I am ordering my cards through an online site called Shutterfly. I just joined this fantastic site and for signing up, I am receiving 50 FREE 4x6 prints. WOW, that will be a picture book for friends for Christmas (I will print the pictures for free and put in a beautiful album I already have - a wonderful and FREE gift!)

I love not only creating beautiful holiday cards, I also love receiving beautiful cards, whether they are picture cards or the basic holiday cards. That is an added addition to our Christmas decorating in our house. We have our kitchen pantry door which is always a festive site for all to see.

I have searched the Shutterfly site and not only are the cards beautiful, the ease of creating them is just that - simple. There is a wide range of cards at Shutterfly from Christmas-Holiday cards to Holiday-Story cards to Religious cards  to even Business Holiday cards.  There is something for everyone.  They even offer Christmas Gift Tags.  What a great addition that would be to someone specials gift.  There are so many different designs to choose from, though I am sure once I pick the pictures of my family the card will jump right out at me. Some of my favorite cards are follows:

This happens to be my favorite, because not only will it have my kids pictures on it (not my kids picured above), but it will have our family top 10 list of the top things that have happened to our family in 2010.  Pictures and a story - how awesome!

I love this picture card because it will reflect lots of different pictures to share with everyone and it is very festive.

Love, love, love this card - the picture size are big enough and I can write below about each picture.

The basic, holiday card - festive and beautiful.  One great family shot for all to appreciate.  Need I say more?
 The possibilities of creating a unique holiday card at Shutterfly are endless.  Check out their site today, become a new member, not only get your FREE 50 4x6 prints, but you can also order your cards today (one less thing you need to do before the holidays are really here).

Disclosure:  I received 50 holiday cards for posting this review.  In no way did receiving the cards help entice my opinion.  I love, love, love pictures of my family and to be able to share them with my family and friends during the holiday season, I am overjoyed.  A HUGE thanks to Shutterfly for offering this amazing promotion.

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