Thursday, January 6, 2011

CSN Stores: Modern Duvet Covers anyone???

It is January, a fresh New Year, and with that said, it is time for some new threads for the beds - Modern Duvet Covers that is!  The holiday rush is over and the zen in me is about to come out.  I am finally realizing to myself that my bed is crying out to me, it has not been feeling pretty lately and is begging asking for a new, lighter in fabric, modern duvet cover, actually I think all the beds in my home, except Emma's (as she did get new for Christmas), are crying to me.  Thankfully they have sheets to absorb their tears!!  lol

Anyhoot, I am looking through All at their many duvets and wow, there are some beauties.  Like this Montreal Duvet collection (how gorgeous):

Or, how about this Serena Duvet Set (purely surene).  Ahhh, I can just imagine laying down on this.  The silk against my skin (wake up, wake up!!!).  I don't know who would be more happy, me or my bed!

All is just one of the many 200+ stores owned by CSN Stores.  You must check them out before you go out to any retailer shopping.  Their products are amazing, prices are affordable and shipping, well that is free if you spend more than $69!  Check them out today, I promise you won't be disappointed!

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