Thursday, July 21, 2011

Hannaford "Create a New Summer Holiday" Contest

How would you like to invent the next holiday? Well, Hannaford is giving you that opportunity starting July 22, called “Create a New Summer Holiday”. Hannaford thought it would be fun to pose a question, “July has the 4th, September has Labor Day, what about a holiday for August?”

Here is where you come in to play. Make sure to head on over to Hannaford's Facebook page to enter your invented August holiday. Tell them what you would serve for food at this make-believe summer holiday and maybe where and how you would serve it. I am sure there will be some doozies and I too can’t wait to see all of them myself (and I am not even employed by Hannaford).

The prizes for this contest are pretty amazing, they are as follows:

  • $1,000 Hannaford Gift Card for 1st Place

  • $250 Hannaford Gift Card for 2nd Place

  • $100 Hannaford Gift Card for 3rd Place
Everyone who enters will get a coupon (not sure what that coupon will be, but hey, it’s a coupon - that’s savings in your pocket!)

The contest closes August 14th and judging will begin on August 15th.

So get your creative minds flowing and start planning this fun contest now.

Let me know if you’re a winner and what you plan on doing with that gift card. Will you have your “made-up” holiday or use it towards monthly groceries?

Enjoy and Good Luck!!!

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