Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Tiny Prints: Holiday Card Campaign

I LOVE Christmas and everything about it. It’s about family coming together and celebrating the birth of Jesus. I love decorating my home, going out with my family every year to pick our Christmas Tree the day after Thanksgiving and the beginning of December, going with hot cocoa in hand to cut it down. Another huge thing for me to do is share our year of activities with our friends and family through Christmas Cards. I am a huge proponent and fan of sending cards. With the internet being as huge as it is, I still feel the time you take to prepare a card and send to someone has more meaning than sending a “happy holiday email” to someone.

I am no different as I LOVE to receive holiday cards from our friends and family, especially those who live far away. I love seeing pictures of their family and reading the notes inside the cards and sharing those with my family.

Our holiday cards are displayed on our pantry door in the kitchen for everyone to see. We celebrate Christmas Eve in our house having our family and friends over, and where we display the cards, they are enjoyed by everyone. Where do you display your cards??

Have you ever heard of Tiny Prints??? For 2 years now I have prepared and ordered our Christmas cards through Tiny Prints and have been extremely pleased to say the least with their product. This year is no different.

This is the card we ordered last year through Tiny Prints and not only did we love it, but so did everyone on our holiday list, both far and near.  I was able to show pictures of my family throughout the year on the card and have a note written on the inside of blessings passed on to all.  The ease of making the card, to finalizing it, then ordering was easy.  The software on the site walked you through the process with ease.  It made it that much better to create your memories to share with all.  The cards were received in prompt time too.

This year is no different with who we are ordering through, Tiny Prints all the way, though the card design will be a little different.  After looking through hundreds and I mean hundreds of designs, I have it narrowed down to one.  That one is the Tri-Fold Holiday Card.  I love it and will love my 3 childrens pictures making the card up for everyone to enjoy.  This is a front and back side card which will allow pictures on both sides.  I love uploading pictures of my family for all to share and especially love a more personable holiday card.  It is worth the .44 cents to send to everyone just one time a year.
Calling all Blogging Buddies:   If you have your own blog and are interested in checking out Tiny Prints for your holiday cards, and partake in this blogging campaign, visit Tiny Prints Holiday Card Campaign and fill out the form.

Disclosure:  Through my participation in the Tiny Prints Holiday Card Campaign, I will receive 50 cards of my choosing for free.  In no way receiving these cards did it entice me to write a favorable review.  I have received these cards before and the craftsmanship is amazing.  If I did not work with Tiny Prints on this campaign, I would definitely order through their site.

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