Wednesday, April 21, 2010

CVS clearance

I stopped by CVS on Wolf Road in Colonie, New York yesterday to pick up my son's prescriptions to find a few shelves with 75% off items.  Some of the items are as follows:

  • Glass Scale (We have never owned a scale, though for a price of $2.49, I picked on up.)
  • Small Rotisserie Cooker ($7.50) (Bought this too - can't wait to try it.  It says you can cook anything in it, though in smaller portions.)
  • Large Remote Control
  • Wii game controllers
  • Hair clipper set ($2.49) (bought this too as I cut my husband's hair.  I have a very expensive hair clipper set, but this one seems to get close to his head.)
  • Mirror (apparently this is a mirror that is supposed to see everything on your face.)  I was kinda scared to get this one - lol.)
  • Large button telephone
Those were the items I remember.  You may want to call your local CVS store first to see if in fact they are having a close-out sale on items marked down to 75% off, and if so, what items they have left. 

The pharmacist was telling me they had large size crockpots and automatic coffee makers marked down to $5.00, though they were sold out of those.

Happy Savings.

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