Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Thank You Mom Reunions

This posting is to all daughters and sons out there, basically everyone with a MOM. PLEASE READ.....

I am truly blessed to have not only my family, but most importantly my MOM living close to me. Family is a huge part of my life, more so the matriarch of it all - my mother. I definitely am fortunate to have my mother not only living in the same state as me, but literally a few blocks away. Having 3 kids of my own, it is a blessing to have my mother/their grandmother close to home. Since my parents have retired a few years ago, they bought a camp in Lake George. Each and every summer they pack up and go to Lake George for the summer. Now it is only 1 hour away, still close enough to drive to, but far enough to not be able to visit each day. This makes the time that I do spend with her very special.

It is so nice to be able to talk on the phone or even a computer to my mom each day, though actually being able to go to lunch, shopping or even stop over to visit - that to me is appreciation - appreciation of my Mom and the fact that she is with me, each and every day.

Proctor & Gamble continues to celebrate moms everywhere with “Thank You Mom Reunions”, a nationwide contest to reunite Moms and their children for milestone family moments like graduations and birthdays they otherwise might have missed.

“Thank You Mom Reunions” will bring together 105 moms with their children, who are unable to do so on their own (15 per month for a 10 month campaign.)

Since Mother’s Day, participants have been submitting their stories online to be considered for a reunion with their mom or mother figure for the June contest. Thirty finalists have been selected and consumers will choose the 15 winners.

Winners will receive $1,000 travel voucher and portable digital video camera to capture their reunion and are encouraged to share the video on Thank You Mom.

Please, please, please, take the time out of your busy, hectic day to visit Thank You Mom and vote on your favorite entry, or submit one of your own for the next round of voting in July.

Remember, voting is limited to once a day, so bookmark this site and vote every day to vote for your favorite. By voting you are helping that entrant get that much closer to seeing their mother, or a mother seeing their child, or even grandchild.

Disclosure: I belong to One2One Network and received free product samples for participating in this campaign. My post is eligible for a gift card via random drawing by One2One Network.   My words are my own and have not been influenced at all by posting this.

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