Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Hannaford Supermarket v Price Chopper Supermarket - A Consumer's Cost Comparison

Where I live there are 2 major supermarkets - Hannaford and Price Chopper.  The question is where is the better place to shop?  Or, which one will save you the most money?

I was given the opportunity to find out just that - which place will save my family the most money.

There is one particular store I shop more at and that is for the purpose of location, and because honestly, I always thought they were cheaper. 

As you all know by now, or are just learning, I LOVE coupons, and LOVE to save money.  I think I get a natural high when I come out of the store (any store for that matter) thinking, yeah, I beat them.  I know personally I did not beat anybody, though I feel a winner, and better yet - a winner who used coupons and got extra savings.

The only downfall I find with living in an area where there are just 2 supermarkets, is that because there are only the 2 stores and there isn't a huge competition wherein some areas have multiple competitors, neither offer double coupons.  That would definately save me even more money.

The first week, I went to Hannaford.  I was provided with a gift card to Hannaford to do my normal weekly shopping,together with buying 20 like items to compare prices at both stores.  The second week, I went to Price Chopper and purchased 18 of the same items I purchased at Hannaford the week before.  I did purchase 20 items at Hannaford for the price comparison at Price Chopper, though Price Chopper was out of the 2 products and I was unable to do a cross-comparison of those products.  The following list is a breakdown of the prices and costs.

                                                                          Hannaford                       Price Chopper
Krakus Ham                                                       $   8.18 ($7.99/lb)             $  8.36  ($8.49/lb)
LOL American Cheese                                       $   6.17 ($5.99/lb)             $  6.92  $6.99/lb)
Doritos                                                               $   2.59                              $  3.99 BOGO
Pepperidge Farm Goldfish                                  $   2.00                              $  2.19
2 lb. onions                                                        $     .99                              $  2.50
Arnold Sandwich Thins                                      $   2.50                              $  3.19
Capri Sun Juice Box                                          $   2.00                               $  2.79
Gatorade (64 oz)                                               $   1.97                               $  1.99
Ball Park Hot Dogs (16 ct.)                               $   5.99                               $  8.69
Santitas Chips                                                   $   2.00                               $  2.00
Villa Valenti Pasta Sauce                                   $   2.79                               $  2.89
Freihofer's Split Top Wheat Bread                     $   3.39                              $  3.39
Nabisco Chips Ahoy with Heath                        $   2.50                              $  2.50
Friendly's Ice Cream                                         $   2.99                               $  2.99
Boboli Thin Crust                                              $   4.39                               $  4.59
Oscar Meyer Lunchable                                    $   2.69                               $  2.59
Vlassic Bread & Butter Chip pickles          $   2.66                               $  2.99
Snack Pack 4-pack Tapioca Pudding                $     .99                               $  1.00
                                                                         $56.79                                $65.56

So, seeing from the above totals, Hannaford was cheaper.  For the most part, other than the Friendly's Ice Cream, Feihofers Bread and Nabisco Cookies, Hannaford does have lower prices on the majority of their items, so you may want to check both ads come Sunday when it is time to do your weekly grocery list, taking into consideration sales and coupons.  Speaking of coupons, when it came time to pay for the groceries, it took everything I had not to able to use coupons (even my husband,who went shopping with me, looked at me when the total came up and said, it's killing you not to use coupons, isn't it?).  If I was able to use coupons, this total would have been at least $20 cheaper, at both stores.  That is the minimum, I am sure, with some savvy shopping, I definately could have saved a lot.

Hannaford now participates in their own printable coupons.  Check out their web site to access coupons today.  You are able to print 2 coupons per computer.  I believe the coupons change each week, so if there is a website to sign up for emails, I would definately recommend using your "other email account" for your weekly reminders.

Disclosure:  Hannaford provided me with the gift cards to shop at both Hannaford & Price Chopper Supermarkets.  In no way did receiving the gift cards, change my opinion to make me write a more favorable post.  I visit both stores and will continue to do so in the future, though may visit one store a bit more now that I was able to make this comparison.


sally p said...

Did you take into account the gas advantage at pc? also, if you go to Price choppers advantage website, you can print many, many more coupons than the 2 you noted at Hannaford. I've shopped at both stores, and although Hannaford is closer, I spend much less at Price chopper.

FeatherBunkle said...

I'm really surprised by this. Any time that I've "shopped" Hannaford I've been hard-pressed to score any really good deals. Just out of curiosity, were these all their regular prices or was anything on sale? I may have to give the big H another shot...

Tracy said...

Sally P - You are absolutely correct in that Price Chopper has the gas advantage, and after spending $50, yes, you do get .10 toward a gas fill up, so for that, especially if you shop their regularly, you benefit. Though for prices, I feel Hannaford won. When Price Chopper has items on sale, or better yet, their 4 day coupons, their prices are very good, but only on those certain items. I feel in general Hannaford does have better prices.

As far as the Price Chopper website and being able to print more coupons, I am only allowed to print 2 from their too, so for coupons, they are both equal.

FeatherBunkle - I was a true PC shopper (and still will go there), but this really opened my eyes to see the savings. Granted, some were pennies, but every penny counts, right? The prices were regular priced. Krakus Ham this week at Hannaford, I believe, is $4.99, so couple that with a coupon (there are normally $1.00 off in the Redplum flyers) that is a great price for fantastic ham!.
Thanks for the comments!!!

Money Saving Maine-iac said...

This is truly interesting! I tried contacting you through your contact info. but it wouldn't work. i would love to know how you received cards from Hannaford. I would like to do a cost comparison with Shaw's here in Maine as these are the only 2 stores we have. Could you email me @ moneysavingmaineac [at] gmail [dot] com with information?

Thank you so much! I know it must have been time consuming but fun too.