Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Oh pretty Daisy.....

This past Sunday, my husband had to work so friends of ours invited my daughters and I to their father's house for the day to go to the "swimming hole".  The weather was beautiful and the ride out was delightful (moreso because I didn't have to drive).

While we there at the "swimming hole", my daughter Emma picked flowers and brought them over to me.  I was overjoyed with excitement - WOW, she took the time out of swimming with her little friends and picked 2 beautiful flowers.  I was astonished with excitement, so much that before they wilted and died, I put them with some "brush from the outdoors" and took a picture.  I showed Emma the picture and explained to her that even though I don't physically have the flowers anymore, I will always have their picture and the memory of that moment.  That picture has now been developed, I purchased a beautiful frame and it is now hanging in our house - a cherished memory to always have.

Thanks Emma - mommy loves you!

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