Thursday, July 22, 2010

Price Chopper 4 Day Sizzlin Coupons (7/22 - 7/25)

Tis a new week, tis new coupons, and their good ones to bat!  Click HERE TO PRINT two of each of the following coupons you will use, per computer:

My son's graduation party is coming up toward the end of the  month, so this couldn't have been a better time for the above coupons.  My husband and son drink Gatorade like it's going out off style, we love anything nacho chips, whether it be nachos, chips and homemade guacamole (I have 2 avocado's waiting for me to cut), or just chips to munch on; orange juice - we drink every morning with our vitamins and the Johnsonville Sausage Links - yum-e, cut them down the middle and grill - awesome....

Happy Savings!


so kikay said...

I'm your newest follower.

Happy Friday!!

Terry said...

Following you from Follow Friday. Hope you stop over and follow me back. Terry