Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Dentyne Pure {Review}

Ahhhh, the flavor when you bite into each piece of gum is a burst of freshness! The first bite is the best - a squirt of liquid of flavor, plus the crunch of the outer shell.  Individual packs cost around $1.29 for 9 pieces. Now, for me, I think it is a bit much for just 9 pieces, but the pieces are a little bigger than the normal size gum of Dentyne and it is supposed to not subside your breath, but actually freshen it - so for that, I will definitely purchase.

I purchased Mint with Herbal Accents (pictured above) and it was rather refreshing. I was able to chew for at least 1 hour with my mouth being minterized at best.

If you purchase this product at Rite Aid right now (for the month of August), while they are not on sale this week, if you participate in the Video Values, you can get a coupon for .50¢ off 1 pack. Though not free, it is still a savings.

I normally am not a huge gum chewer, though, because this is a new product, I had to try it and guess what, I like it!

4 out of 5 for me!

Happy Chewing....

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