Thursday, August 12, 2010


A few weeks ago, my two cousins, Greta & Ramona, visited for 2 weeks from Rome, Italy.  There was a bit of a language barrier as only Greta spoke some English, and Ramona none at all, but from growing up with grandparents who came over right off the boat and spoke Italian, I learned to understand, plus, my parents can speak and understand so it made it easier.  It was wonderful having Greta & Ramona here to show how we live, what we do on a daily basis, where we shop (yes, they love to shop), and to meet our family.  It is always nice to know relatives, near and far.

I just want to share a picture of my family with you, except for my son, Brendan, who had to work the night the picture was taken.

They have invited our family to go visit them, and we gladly accepted, though no date has been set yet. 

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