Thursday, August 12, 2010

YogaFit Kids! A YogaFit Workout {Review}

I was given the opportunity to review YogaFit Kids!, an awesome dvd made just for kids.  As an adult, I have always wanted to try Yoga, but have not had the time, or just not put the effort into making the time (that's an excuse I know).  I was estatic to get this dvd and have my kids try as I am thrilled at the fact of getting more exercise into their daily regime.  I called a few friends and asked  to have their kids over for a "Kid Yoga" night.  How exciting that was for the parents and the kids.  The kids ages ranged from 3 - 13, a wide arrange at that.

It was Thursday night and the kids came entering through the doorway with towels in hand, ready to stretch their bodies.  As can be seen from the pictures, the kids took it upon themselves to bring their beach towels as "yoga mats", that was cute in itself.

The dvd started and the kids were ready, willing and able, (it was actually very quiet) - ahhh, the first stretch, than the next and so on.  The kids loved it, they really loved it.  This was an awesome dvd for the kids - it kept them entertained, interested and interaction.  When the YogaFit Kids! dvd was over the kids came out into the kitchen, where the parents were, and all were happy, expressing how much they loved it a, and that they wanted to do it again.  As parents, that is something we want to hear.  Exercise - fun, want to do it again, YES, of course, we can do the video again. 

This video teaches kids over 20 yoga poses and breathing activities.

YogaFit Kids is a remarkable dvd structured to buuild strong & healthy bodies; balance emotions, calm the nerves, clear the mind, enhance focus and improve self-esteem.

YogaFit also produces an assortment of apparel, accessories, books, dvds, music and educational tools.  Check out their YogaFit Logo Wear and Yoga Products.

YogaFit Kids! is now available as a Home Study course.  Go to YogaFit for more information.

I give this a 10 out of 10 and would suggest getting this dvd for your kids to do - they too will have fun!

Disclosure:  A Huge Thanks to Beth Shaw at YogaFit for providing a YogaFit Kids! dvd to help abide in my review.  Receiving this did not in any way entice my opinion to write a favorable review.  All of the kids who participated in this review had fun and enjoyed Yoga.  The dvd kept them interested the entire time and at the end, had them wanting more. That to me, is proof enough! 

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