Monday, August 30, 2010

Near East Cuisine "Couscous" Party

I have recently had the pleasure of hosting a Near East Cuisine party for 8 of my friends and it was funtabulous to say the least.

What is a Near East Cuisine party you ask? Well, let me explain. It is a party wherein I invited 8 of my closest friends over and we all played a part in creating a delicious and quick dinner. Couscous it is! My description of couscous is a cross between rice and pasta. Quick to make and rather delicious to eat.

The party started when my guests arrived. I had their goody bags set at the table as their seating arrangements, Near East decoration signs up and the recipes from Across the World scattered throughout the kitchen for everyone to check out.

We started the assembly line and everyone had something to do, whether cooking the chicken, cutting the veggies or cooking the couscous, it was all a group participation. The food took minutes, literally to cook. We put it together and made up our plates. Let’s just say we all had seconds!!! We made so much that when our husbands and kids came over, after the party, they too ate and enjoyed it. A win-win for all of us wives as we now have a quick and delicious dinner to cook.

Chicken and veggies sauteed and ready for the couscous.
Couscous is added (to add even more flavor when cooking the couscous, try using chicken stock instead of water)

Mixing everything together - yum!  Doesn't it look delicious?  Well, FYI - it takes just as good as it looks (if not better!)

Oh my goodness - this is delicious - for seconds, guests gathered around the "not finished yet island" and ate.

Near East couscous comes in a variety of flavors and there are a bunch of recipes of their website that you can try (also on each box). This is now a staple ingredient in my home. I can’t wait for my next Near East cuisine meal as I know it’s gonna be good!

Thanks Near East for this awesome party and great goodies!

Happy Cooking!!!

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