Monday, August 30, 2010

There's No "PEACE" But Home....Re-Decorating 101

Recently, it seems every two years, I decided it was time to re-do my daughter, Kylie's room, (again).  This time I wanted something that she could grow into, and was easily replaceable (2 years comes quick).   So, I decided since she was into "PEACE" symbols, I would paint her one wall a bright pink and leave the other 3 walls light pink.  The issue at hand, the one wall! 

You see, the previous paint job I did was Cheetah markings all over her wall, and tons of them.  Here is the beginning picture so you can see what I had to work with:

Obviously, this wall needs primer, so I started by going to Lowes.  I had a can of primer leftover from my previous painting which saved me some money.  Once I got to Lowes, I grabbed some stirrers (free) and picked out the bright pink color to cover this very dark Cheetah wall.  I decided to go with a quart, why not, right?  WRONG ANSWER!!!  I figured $12 for a quart and $24 for a Gallon.  I will only need 1 quart for one wall, right - WRONG ANSWER!!  I ended up buying 3, yes THREE, quarts costing $36!  Now, if I just bit the bullet in the beginning and bought the gallon, I would have not only saved money, but saved time from going back to Lowes three, yes 3 times.

So, I get home and prepped the wall and started priming:

(Sorry for the blurriness of the picture, I was using my husband's cell phone, though you can see that the primer is not covering, right?  Yup, had to do the primer 3 times - ugggghhhh!)
Of course by now, I was getting exhausted and just wanted it done.  Though, because it took more than I thought, and it was getting late, I had to let it dry overnight and finish the next day.

Here, finally, is the finished product:

I also decided to fix-up an end table we had for Kylie to use as her "side table".  Here are before and after pictures:

A plain end table, which I was going to get rid of.  Boy, I am glad I didn't.
Thanks to my new found love of decopage, I purchased some PEACE fabric, cut to size, added decopage on the table for the fabric to adhere to, than when it dried (overnight), I added decopage on top for that shiny sealant.  I also purchased bright pink ribbon and outlined the table.  Kylie loves it!
I also purchased a dark black fabric with flourescent colored PEACE symbols on it which I am making a valance, a pillow and as with the table, I was going to get rid of her lamp, nope, I have decided to spray paint the base bright pink and redo the lamp shade with the same fabric at the valance and pillows.  I figure I should have everything done by this weekend so Kylie will be able to enjoy her new PEACE room.

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