Thursday, August 12, 2010

SCORE! Scotch Tape and Sensodyne Toothpaste....

Thank goodness for coupons, and moreso PDF file coupons!  Woo hoo.....

I always carry my coupon file in my car, no matter what store I go into, if I see something that is clearanced price, I always scoot out to my car to see if I have a coupon for it.  I hit the jackpot at Walgreens yesterday.  I stopped at my local Walgreens at lunch time yesterday to do my daily "lunch shopping", and low and behold on their clearance rack they had Scotch donut dispensers priced at .49¢ each.  Coupled with this Scotch Donut Tape Dispenser .50 coupon this made them FREE!!!  AND, they also had Scotch desk dispensers for .99¢,, coupled with this Scotch Desk Dispenser.75 coupon, making each dispenser only .25¢.  Here are pictures of my finds (don't ask what I am going to do with all of this tape, but I can tell you something, I won't run out for Christmas presents this year!)  (FYI - I did leave plenty for the next person.)

I also found Sensodyne Toothpaste for Children clearanced price at $1.09.  Coupled with this .75 Sensodyne Coupon, this made for inexpensive toothpaste (.34¢ each to be exact).

How were your findings this week??

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