Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Walgreens: Secret Soothing Effects Deodorant

Many Walgreens stores have Secret Soothing Effects (1.6 oz.) on clearance for $2.59, though they are not marked as such. Plus, you will get a $3 Register Rewards for purchasing it.

The best news...this Register Reward is rolling. So you can buy one, get the Register Rewards and then use the Register Rewards to purchase another which should produce another Register Rewards. And on and on.  If you only purchase one at a time, you will have to get a filler to cover the $3.00 Register Rewards.

If you are going to head over to your local Walgreens, I would suggest going now and doing it, for 2 reasons.  1)Depending on how many people already know about this, and the limited stock on hand Walgreens has, there may not be any when you get there; and 2)Walgreens may catch on and put a stop to the rolling Register Rewards.

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