Monday, November 29, 2010

SMELLY {Review}

In all my life, I never realized washing machines obtained a smell after all that washing.  I guess it is only natural to think that though, putting dirty items into a contained object to clean with soap and water - and to sit until we finally realize the load is done and we can remove those items from the washer to put into the dryer to finalize the process.  AND, how many times after that, do you (or shall I say I), close the door not allowing the washing machine to fully dry and then mildew sets in, or just the basic dingy smell.  You know the smell of a wet towel sitting for a while, yuck!!!  That could be your washing machine.

Until now, I never, in all honesty, realized my washing machine smelled - maybe it is because I was too quick at putting my clothes into the washer that I didn't smell the odor, or was it my clothes just really stunk?  Anyhoot - I received a product called Smelly Washer to try out and boy was I ever amazed.  At first, I was kinda skeptical as I figured ok, just another product out there they are trying to sell, though to give it a fair shot, I ran the test and guess what - it passed!!!

Smelly Washer is primarily for the washing machine.  To clean your washer, you take 1 level cap (1 tblsp.) Smelly Washer, add to the dispenser of your machine, allow it to agitate in its hottest setting for 2 minutes.  Stop the washer and allow to soak overnight.  In the morning complete the cycle.  If you have a really stinky machine, you may find that you may want to try this process a few times in order to really get the odor gone.  Just a teaspoon run through a "soak" cycle monthly will keep  your washer fresh.  Or, if you prefer, you can add 1 tbsp to a spray bottle mixed with hot water to clean around the rubber seal of the door of your washing machine.

If you have a mother like I do, she of course never, ever has a "dirty" washing machine.  Once a towel is wet, it automatically gets thrown into the washing machine and a cycle has started.  No dirty, smelly clothes or machine for that matter.  Me, on the other hand, well with 3 kids, and both my husband and I working full-time outside of the home, yes, laundry sits, and sometimes for longer than it should.  I was pleasantly surprised at how good this product works.  A product I definitely will keep stock in for our home.  I dislike any odors, especially odors in machines that are supposed to clean our clothes. 

About the product:
  • Remove washer odor;
  • Removes towel mildew;
  • Up to 24 treatments per 12 oz bottle;
  • Easy to use; and
  • All Natural.
Disclosure:  I received a 12 oz. bottle of Smelly Washer to help abide in my review.  In no way receiving this product, did it entice me to write a favorable review.  I received the product, tried it and it works - so a favorable review it is.  I would highly recommend this product.

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