Monday, January 31, 2011

Adventures In BoogaBooga Land {DVD Review}

I was super excited when I opened my mailbox today to see the dvd I had requested to review had finally came.

Adventures In BoogaBooga Land:  Squid Sushi Loses His Marbles, The Parable of The Lost Pearl and Other Stories by Richard Milner.  Stories from the Parables of Jesus.

Based on the parables of Jesus, join Marty the monkey and Gerard the giraffe as they bungle their way through the paradise of Booga Booga Land inadvertently learning lessons that Jesus taught many years ago. Good Gimbo! Marty the monkey and Gerard the giraffe are back again with more exciting adventures, as they head out to recover treasure and save the day by catching the chocolate cake recipe thief. With another exciting episode, the parables of Jesus are presented in a clear, challenging, and engaging way that the whole family will enjoy. Follow Marty and Gerard as they become employees for 10,000 jobs.

Episodes include:
*Squid Sushi Loses His Marbles (The Valuable Pearl – Matt 13:45-46) *Wally the Waitor (The Weeds – Matt 13:24-30) *The Flaming Monkey (The Wedding Banquet – Matt 22:2-14)

My review was mostly based on my 4 year old daughter's reaction to the three short movies on the dvd.  The first movie, Swuid Sushi Loses His Marbles, actually teaches our children that there are bigger things in life than items you may have at home, treasurers to one may not be that to others.  The second show, Wally the Waiter is about someone being deceitful and the third, The Flaming Monkey is about people coming together.  The movie is very short, though it kept my daughter entertaining and she actually wanted to watch it again, so for that, it was worth watching.
I give this movie a 7 out of 10.
Disclosure:  I received the above-mentioned dvd through my membership with  My opinions above are my own and 100% honest.

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