Thursday, March 31, 2011

Keeping The Family Happy and Healthy At No Cost...

I love being a mom, it is by far the toughest job in the world. In order to keep my family happy, healthy and humble, we, as mothers, must take care of ourselves first.

How do you keep your family happy??? Do you have fun, and free, activities planned for them? Do you make favorite meals, do you play games? Here is something our family does throughout the entire year, which keeps continuous enjoyment in our lives.

We are a family of 5, so what we do to keep everyone happy and healthy is in the beginning of every month, we put our names in a hat and draw out a name. We have a calendar on our fridge and for the first week to the last of that particular month, a name is placed on the beginning of that week. i.e., Week 1 - Son; Week 2 - Oldest daughter, Week 3 - Youngest Daughter, Week 4 - Dad and Week 5 - Mom. Some months there are only 4 weeks so we continue on to the next month to make it fair for everyone, and so on and so on.

For that persons week, we make it special. We have options for each night of the week, such as:

* Family movie night. This entitles the weekly winner to choose whatever movie (age appropriate) for the entire family to watch. We make popcorn, have drinks and yes, even chocolate.

* Dinner night. This entitles the weekly winner to whatever food they want for dinner. Yes, I said whatever. Say they want to have ice cream first, than dinner, than that is what it is. I love when it is my week, because I truly love breakfast, no matter what time. So, I am lucky to have breakfast food for breakfast and dinner. Win-win for me!

* Game night. This entitles the weekly winner to go downstairs in our basement to pick out any game they want. We have quite a few, so this is not hard to find one, the problem is which one? When it is our 4 year olds week, we usually play a few as her games are shorter time consuming than that of our other children, or ours.

* Dance Night. This is probably our families favorite night. We purchased a Wii for our family for Christmas last year and love it! We have definitely, as a family, gotten our money worth. Not only do we enjoy this, but so do our children’s friends. Our favorite at the moment is Just Dance 2. Awesome!!!

* Library Night. This entitles the weekly winner to pick a night and we go to our local library to get some new books. Our 8 year old daughter particularly loves this night as she is a book worm! She loves, loves, loves to read.

I hope you enjoy reading how we keep our family happy and healthy by spending none, or very little money out of pocket.  Try this with your family and see how much fun it too can bring to your life.

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