Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tiny Prints: Mother's Day Campaign

How are you rewarded for being a Mom?  I am rewarded every single day when I wake up to my beautiful three children and blessed throughout the day, each and every day, through the trials and errors of the choices I need to make as being a Mom.  No one ever told me that being a Mom would be the most challenging, demanding, lack of sleep job, non compensating, endless hours job I would have.  Thank goodness someone out there, whomever it may be, gave us our own special day, Mother's Day, as we deserve it!  Each and everyone of us. 

I was given the question, "what do your kids think make you awesome", or through my kids mouth, "what makes mommy awesome"?

I want to say because I am the best MOM in the world and regardless of if I don't let them do something, or take something away, or say "no", when they want something, or have to be tough at times, that the decisions I make are decisions that I feel at that time are the best decisions I can give.  I want to believe they will say I am awesome because I am fun, and love to spend time with them, making crafts with them, coaching them in baseball, reading them bed time stories, are always there for them in the middle of the night when they have a nightmare, or develop a fever, or are just afraid to sleep by themselves.  I also want to think they would say because I ride bikes with them, love to shop with them (many toy store runs), teach them how to cook, take them to the park, or have picnics in our backyard.  However, I thought that question would be best answered by my three kids:

Brendan's response:  because she is understanding and listens to what I say and want, has fun and helps me when I need it....  (age 18)

Kylie's response: because she always take care of me and stuff...  (age 8)

Emma's response:  because I like everything she does... (age 4)

So, how would your kids answer the above question?  It's something I am glad I asked my kids.  As a MOM, you automatically believe your the best in your kids eyes; however, to actually get their answer, is quite touching.

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I was provided with a gift card to Tiny Prints for my participation in in this writing campaign.  All words expressed are the honest words not only coming from my mouth, but from my children as well. 

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