Thursday, August 19, 2010

PEPPERIDGE FARM: Strawberry Milano - Savoring the Sweetness of Life

Ahh, the love of chocolate... Ahh, the love of strawberries. Combined - absolutely, just as good (if not better)! Yes, you read right. Milano’s newest cookie - Strawberry Milano cookies. Oh how I love thee chocolate, and moreso, love strawberries - combined in a cookie form, even better. I can just picture the flavor - a outer cookie shell with rich dark chocolate and scrumptious strawberry in the middle - every bite bursting with the combined flavor of chocolate and strawberry. (Boy, can I go for a Strawberry Milano cookie now!)

I have always enjoyed Milano cookies, growing up as a child and now as an adult. My favorite has been the Double Chocolate Milano cookie. Actually, to this day, there is not a Milano brand coolie that I do not like or have ever turned my nose up to try a new flavor.

I have yet to try the Strawberry Milano cookie, however, with this $1.00 coupon, I will be picking up a bag to enjoy with the family. Actually, my son is leaving for college next Friday (can you see my eyes starting to well up now) and since he too loves Milano cookies, I will pack him a bag in his care package of goodies. Once he opens his care package up, I am sure he will be overjoyed as he will have a little of home with him.

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Eating Milano cookies is like savoring the sweetness of life. This past summer I savored the sweetness too many times to count, though my biggest moment was watching my son walk across the stage and graduate with his classmates from high school. Believe me, I have always prayed for this day to come and knew it would, I guess it was the anxiety leading up to it. You see, my son is a straight A student, and I believe he fell into “Senioritis” during his Senior year (as I am sure others do). My son has developed, through his love of sports, a cracked spine. With many doctors appointments, surgery, missed school days, I was very hopeful to see him graduate - and guess what? I did! Seeing him walk across that stage, proudly, grinning from ear to ear, an accomplishment, one of many more to come in his future. That moment is how I savored the sweetness of life this summer. How did you savor yours???

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